Silent Gliss Tracks 1080- the best hand operated curtain track we can offer, the top selling curtain track in Europe. Made from aluminium with nylon gliders. Strong, yet lightweight. Smooth gliding runners - you won't believe the difference between this and the plastic track you've put up with for the last 20 years! Elegant profile available in white, silver, bronze, gold, black and cream. Brackets white as standard, also available in brown or cream. Can be machine bent for bay windows or even arched! Standard length tracks in white available for purchase on-line, link here 1080

Silent Gliss Track 1090 - not as elegant as the 1080, but less obtrusive, making the ideal choice for a voile inside a reveal. Strong enough for medium curtains. Available in silver, white and bronze. Double ceiling bracket (optional extra) means you can run 2 parallel tracks with one fixing. Bending service for bay windows.

Silent Gliss Tracks 1280 - for medium to heavy curtains. Excellent performance due to the use of patented roller gliders. Optional extras include an overlap arm and magnetic leading gliders. Only available in white, can be bent for bay windows.

Silent Gliss Tracks 3840W - for use with the Silent Gliss WAVE headed system. Designed for ceiling fix. Available in silver, white, gold, bronze and black. Medium weight curtains. Can be bent.

Silent Gliss Tracks - There are a number of other tracks available, from caravan style tracks to huge electronically operated stage curtain tracks -so if you have specific requirements please contact us

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