Silent Gliss Metropole 23mm - also known as mini-Metropole - available in silver, white, black, chrome & gun metal. Silent Gliss Metropole 23mm are hand drawn decorative curtain poles that operate as a track does, so can be used for bay windows (ceiling or wall fix) and mix traditional, contemporary and minimalist styles.

The Silent Gliss Metropole 23mm comes in 5 colour finishes, 4 styles of finials (a total of 9 with the colour options) and even the choice of 3 colours of midials. We have added a number of standard Metropole products for on-line purchase (PAYPAL) by linking to Metropole or clicking on the images below. You can make enquiries or place orders by e-mail 

The Silent Gliss Metropole 23mm can be bent, ideal for poles for bay windows. The product is hand operated - for cord operated, refer to the 30mm Metropole.

Silent Gliss also do Metropole in MetroFlat/36mm and Metropole 50mm, both hand operated only. Please contact us for further information.

23mm Metropole, Silver

23mm Metropole, White

23mm Metropole, Chrome

23mm Metropole, Black

23mm Metropole, Gun Metal

Silent Gliss 23mm Metropole Coral finials

Silent Gliss 23mm Metropole Crystal Cylinder finials
Metropole 23mm Metropole 30mm Tracks (Hand Operated) Tracks (Hand Operated) Tracks (Hand Operated) Tracks (Hand Operated)