We have created links in the site for you to purchase a number of products on-line. Please forgive us, but for complex requirements (multi-bend bay tracks etc) we recommend going a bit slower to make sure it's right. Please e-mail your requirements info@sgtracks.co.uk and we will give you the exact prices.

As a guide, pole lengths are cut to bespoke size, but are charged in increments of 25cms (approx 10 inches) starting at 125cm (4'1"). You can order a smaller length but you will be charged at the 125cm rate. Some tracks have been limited to 400cm for on-line purchase but most are available up to 600cm, so please email

Metropole 23mm Metropole 30mm Tracks (Hand Operated) Tracks (Hand Operated) Tracks (Hand Operated) Tracks (Hand Operated)